Two men standing in front of a kiosk

A dance performance by Adrian Wenzel and Tim Gerhards

Two contemporary dance solos out of two perspectives. The two dancers/choreographers/colleagues/acquaintances develop a choreographic reflection and transfer it to each other. In a collaborative research, they examine daily life with and without trisomy 21, deconstructing identical and contrasting lifestyles and reflecting on family and housing conditions, sexuality and social pressures. The result is an evening filled with movement, provocation, question marks, twerking, ballet and video games.


Gaffer Tape

Choreography: Tim Gerhards

Dance: Adrian Wenzel


Ein Leben für den anderen

Choreography: Adrian Wenzel

Dance: Tim Gerhards


tanzbar_bremen e.V.


September 2020 as part of the festival eigenARTig

Schwankhalle Bremen