Neele steht und schreit mit aufgerissenem Mund

tanzbar_bremen & guests | world premiere at the festival eigenARTig 2020

The name is program. With TANZSTEG, tanzbar_bremen and guests presented a colorful parade on September 27, 2020, as part of the festival eigenARTig, in the Schwankhalle Bremen. One after the other, the dancers moved through the audience with specially created choreographic miniatures. The Corona distance rules formed the guidelines for the design of the room and the dance scenes. from which the radiant, imaginative dance emerged. Funny, tragic, thoughtful or impetuous, the topics, moods, music and aesthetics changed rapidly. From the male duo GOD SAVE THE …, in which conservative shackles and a youthful urge for freedom wrestled with each other, to a female duo on the curse and blessing of constant availability and the mythical creature solo KREATÜR to a dancer trio with a wheelchair, in which spatial confinement provoked the most creative solutions. The dance showed its abundance of qualities. In the confinement, like under a microscope, the moving art moved noticeably to the center in spite of separating conditions.

Pieces at 1:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m.:

Kreatür What happens when beings from fairy tales, legends and our dreams come to life! Dance and choreography: Markus Hoft

unErreichbar… please hold the line! Digits dialed, the connection is established. We ask each other: “How are you? What are you doing? ”We’ll keep in touch! Dance and choreography: Isabel Schönfelder and Adriana Könemann

Me and my shoes 3 meters wide, 7 meters long, that’s the limited space. How does your body react to this limitation? An interplay between space and its effect on the performer. Dance and Choreography: Miriam Röder

God save the …. We have beautiful hair. The old braids have to be taken off. A mohawk does it too. Nevertheless everything stays as it was … and the Queen smiles and waves. Dance and choreography: Günther Grollitsch and Martin Schoeps

Pieces at 5:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m.:

AHNMA – Sketch about a feeling Choreography: Birgit Freitag Dance: Nele Buchholz

ANIMALS Animals look out into the world. Our eyes look into their eyes. We see ourselves. We are animals amongst animals. My shoulder blades were wings. An ocean flows in my veins. Dance and choreography: Tomas Bünger and Oskar Spatz

SCHON SCHÖN How do you understand the rules that apply to beauty? Shaping the body and making it fit? Which self can break free and oppose the norm with a liberated beauty? Dance and choreography: Stina Hinrichs

The Rolling Bones This trio came into being on six hot summer days, between sounds reminiscent of westerns and the question of drive and torque. Dance and choreography: Jenny Ecke, Corinna Mindt, Daniel Riedel


Dance and choreography: Kreatür – Markus Hoft, unErreichbar… please hold the line! – Isabel Schönfelder and Adriana Könemann, Me and my shoes – Miriam Röder, God save the… – Günther Grollitsch and Martin Schoeps, AHNMA – Birgit Freitag / dance: Neele Buchholz, ANIMALS – Tomas Bünger and Oskar Spatz, SCHON SCHÖN – Stina Hinrichs,


tanzbar_bremen in cooperation with steptext dance project


Premiere on the 27.09.2020

Schwankhalle Bremen