Oskar Spatz

Oskar Spatz has been employed by tanzbar_bremen since April 2018 after a two-year training phase. He dances and performs in numerous stage and outdoor performances, with which he is currently touring nationally and internationally, and in tandem teaches workshops, projects and courses with a focus on dance theatre and clowning.

As a dancer, Oskar Spatz collaborated with the Swiss company BewegGrund in 2016, and in 2018 he worked with dance artists from Bremen on a stage piece. In addition to his interest in dance, which he developed early on in the children’s and youth dance company “Die Anderen”, he has played as a drummer in a band for many years. This combination has already enriched several artistic productions.

Teamwork is particularly important to him. His work is characterised by implementing and living out the artistic and productive work in an appreciative, collegial and equal environment.

Kontakt: infos@tanzbarbremen.de