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Current offers

The offers of tanzbar_bremen have a wide range – we offer performances for theaters, festivals and events, give workshops, training and further education and carry out projects at schools.

We regularly develop professional artistic performance formats for classic stages as well as for public spaces, which can be booked in Bremen, but also nationally and internationally. Open courses invite you to participate on site.

Courses in Bremen

Every Friday from 3pm to 5pm we offer open dance training at the Tanzwerk Bremen.

The clown training of the ClownsConnection takes place every Tuesday evening.


These current productions on stage or in the open air can be booked.


We also like to offer other workshops in Bremen, Bremerhaven and elsewhere. We work with groups of all ages. The workshops can have different contents – depending on the individual request.

Project days for schools

We offer projects and project days for school classes, which can have different topics. Sometimes they are more artistic, sometimes it is about support for an interview. We currently have three formats on offer.

Training & further education

With our team, we offer training and further education for other institutions and organisations in different constallation. The content and timing of those formats can be adapted to the needs of companies and clients.