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About us

tanzbar_bremen wants to make art and culture accessible to as many people as possible. For over 15 years we have been realizing projects in which people from different backgrounds work together professionally and at eye level. For our performances, workshops and actions we are often on the road nationally and internationally.

In Bremen, the seat of our association, we offer regular training and various formats in the areas of education and work. These always take place with and through dance. We also show our own dance pieces and guest performances from Germany and abroad.

sechs TänzerInnen im Sprung
Ballroombusters © Daniela Buchholz


tanzbar_bremen is a team of dancers, choreographers and producers. The focus of the work is the promotion of art and culture through the professional collaboration of inclusive teams. Together, the participants develop and present dance productions for the stage or public space as well as formats for entertainment, workshops and festivals, and develop educational programs. Created in 2003 as a project of steptext dance project, tanzbar_bremen has been working as a non-profit association with many national and international cooperation partners since 2009. 

As Germany’s first dance company, tanzbar_bremen has created permanent employment for an inclusive team.

By providing this opportunity for professional artistic work, tanzbar_bremen is building bridges to socially relevant issues through contemporary dance. In the collaboration of artists with different skills, new and unique dance languages are continuously developing. Serious or humorous formats and compositions are created, which can be experienced by an audience as varied as possible.

Permanent cooperation

Freelance work

Marion Armschwand, dance pedagogy

Fabian Aimar, direction, guest performance management

Christopher Basile, dance

Henning Bleyl, moderation, text work

Leon Buchholz, film

Manuela Demmler, public relations

Birgit Freitag, choreography

Katja Fritzsche, stage/costume

Jaime Garcias, dance

Clara Groeger, performance, artistry

Rolf Hammes, choreography

Kilian Haselbeck, dance

Carlos Heydt, technology, lighting design

Anna Hilbig, production and guest performance assistance

Gregor Hinz, graphic recording

Nikola Irakoski, volunteering

Franz König, management KompeTanz

Esther Kunze, dance

Felix Landerer, choreography

Maja Liebau, text design

Johanna Melinkat, production management festivals

Jan Menge, video art

Marianne Menke, photography

Swantje Oetjen, performance

Antonio Quiles, Choreograph

Dario Redecker, dance, artistic collaboration

Timo Reichenberger, technology

Magdalena Reinhard, pedagogical direction KompeTanz

Anna Rödiger, artistic collaboration

Susanne Schneider, choreography

Cornelia Worch, pedagogy

Nesrin Kalasch, artistic collaboration youth projects, assistant teaching

Luca Nelde, performance

Hilke Packmohr, graphic design

And many other national and international artists in the context of the festivals, symposia and guest performances.

Board of Directors