Two men with leaf blowers and wigs stand next to each other. It' s starting.

Two men, two leaf blowers, a handful of costumes, a fanfare and off we go:

FöhnFrisuren is a boldly charming ramble through the amazing potential of the roaring wind instruments – and at the same time through the most beautiful blow-dry hairstyles, hero capes and Hollywoods most famous flaps of wings.

To matching sounds of movie history and grooving beats, the actors perform, improvise and initiate heart-stopping screen scenes, adventurous flying acts, athletic matches and all kinds of surprises.

You would like to join in? You can, either as an actor or directly at the pusher of a leaf blower! Oskar Spatz and Lars Mindt change roles as effortlessly as they switch wigs, infect young and old with their joy of playing and magically create a truly unique atmosphere in streets within half an hour.

The performance works both on stage and in public space.


Created and directed by Lars Mindt and Oskar Spatz


tanzbar_bremen e.V. / ClownsConnection Bremen


Premiere on 06 June 2019

Domshof Bremen

Photos by Frank Scheffka