Two men standing side by side in front of a house

Performance between Me and You

Two in the same room.

Who dares to show their limits?

Where do they meet? And what forms do they take? Or how do they impact on each other?

In their yet unknown relationship, they explore curiously and searchingly:

Proximity and distance, action and reaction, me and you.

Defenceless, but armed, each one tells of their personality and their own varying perspective on everything.

Their own, different perspective on the whole.


Concept and performance: Lars Mindt, Adrian Wenzel

Production assistant: Corinna Mindt

Kostüme: Katja Fritzsche

Duration: approx. 25 minutes

Designed for performances in public spaces and on stages.



Funded by Aktion Mensch as part of the connect project.


July 8th, 2021 on the Mittenmang Festival in Bremen