Every day we consciously or unconsciously touch ourselves and others, are touched by others and let ourselves be touched. With TOUCH ME, tanzbar_bremen explores this omnipresent, sensual level of our existence. Full of curiosity, the dance trio questions a wide variety of variations and effects of physical encounters. What do moments of physical closeness trigger in us? How do we design them? How do they shape us, and thus our ways of moving through life?

Shaking hands, combing hair, playing catch, carrying someone, enduring pain, enjoying caressing, being jostled, hugging each other – each touch has its own qualities and information, generates sensations, triggers intuitive reactions. Tactile events pervade our cooperation like a wordless language. TOUCH ME traces the nature of touches in everyday gestures, random situations and exceptional moments and conjures up a choreographic cosmos from its discoveries that invites you to experience it.


dance/choreografy/development: Neele Buchholz, Corinna Mindt, Oskar Spatz
dramaturgy: Günther Grollitsch, Lars Mindt
light: Timo Reichenberger
Dauer: ca. 50 Minuten


as part of the tanzbar_bremen´s model project KompeTanz


17. 11. 2018

Schwankhalle Bremen

Video Trailer

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