Dancers in a row from behind

The ensemble performance by tanzbar_bremen for public spaces reveals the heights, depths and traps of interactive dance in a charming and fearless manner.

Who leads, who follows? Where to? Why? And how? Peppered with hints of various dance styles and techniques, the dancers break all the rules of representative harmony in constantly changing constellations while inventing their very own show.

With pleasure in stubbornness, they groove, float, stumble and drift to electro beats, ballroom oldies and pop sounds in a round of unexpected duels, tender overtures, reckless coquetry, lively misunderstandings and sudden agreements. Movements incite each other, continue, get lost within another dance, fall into disorder and sort themselves out again. Sometimes wild, at other times calm, the swarm vibrates in the play of approaches and separations, touching and letting go, challenges and over-challenges, expectations and surprises. Contemporary street dance that tells us a great deal about how we live with each other.


Dance/choreography/creation: Neele Buchholz, Tim Gerhards, Adriana Könemann, Dario Redecker, Corinna Mindt, Oskar Spatz
Costumes: Katja Fritzsche
Duration: aprox. 30 minutes


tanzbar_bremen as part of the KompeTanz pilot project


10. 06. 2018

Wollkämmerei in Bremen-Blumenthal