three dancers running in a black room

‘Erinnerungen schwirren‘ creates space for individual memories of the dancers of tanzbar_bremen and links their transformations with sequences developed collectively based on questions by choreographer Susanne Schneider of the Company BewegGrund: How can we translate memories into movement? How do we translate ‘memories music‘ into dance? What kind of inner and concrete movements are triggered by old photos of different constellations of three? While in the background video projections with textual memory fragments are running up and down, a dynamic dance trio is evolving about how our mental, emotional and communicative approach to the past influences our identities and our coexistence.

Duration: 20 min


Choreography: Susanne Schneider

Dance: Oskar Spatz, Corinna Mindt, Till Krumwiede


Developed within the context of the international cooperation project ‘I once was. Now I am. ‘ by BewegGrund (CH), danza mobile (ES) and tanzbar_bremen.


2019 at the ‘ no limits’ festival in Berlin