A man with a shark fin on his back on a ladder, three dancers

A children’s piece followed by a hands-on program.

Rush forward bravely, slowly approach, risk friction or immerse yourself in a swarm – there are many ways to approach others.

tanzbar_bremens latest children’s piece looks full of fantasy and humor on these dynamics in groups. A clear view of a pause scenario: like water creatures in the aquarium, three dancers cavort in a lively, idiosyncratic mess. A gentleman on a ladder tries to maintain certain order, but suddenly everything is possible as in a dream. The shy ones dare whirling solos, the gruff shark is looking for gentle togetherness, the cheeky gang flees from fright to every corner.

The atmospheres change in the rhythm of different feelings, rules of the game are invented as quickly as they are broken … HAI HERR FISCHER is a cheerful kaleidoscope of courageous deeds with surprising consequences. An incitement to personal development, through which the community grows.

The mobile production and its subsequent participation program with dance and improvisation games can be booked by elementary schools and other institutions.


Choreografy: Rolf Hammes

Dance/Performance: Neele Buchholz, Nesrin Kalasch, Corinna Mindt, Lars Mindt


tanzbar_bremen in cooperation with tanzwerk bremen and the Werkstufe of the Schulzentrum Neustadt

Funded by Aktion Mensch as part of the connect project, Helmut and Ruth Märtens Foundation, swb educational initiative, Charity BBQ Waterfront


Premiere on February 13th, 2019

Schwankhalle Bremen