Danza Mobile (ES), BewegungsGrund (CH) and tanzbar_bremen (D) developed three dance pieces on the subject of memory. With their experiences and associations, with moving images and the treasures of memory that have grown in their bodies, the dancers partly share their personal careers, whirring fragments of memories and their connection to the process of remembering with the audience.

“What do I remember? | What are my first memories? | What memories can I share with someone? | Are there memories that I keep to myself? | Are there memories that I have suppressed and buried? | Who am I talking about my memories? | What do memories do to me?” (Esther Kunz)

“The memory is buzzing in every head. Because the light shines on it. Change takes place when you think that memory stays in your head. This is where your imagination will find … the easier it is to remember. Since it is not difficult!” (Neele Buchholz) Danza Mobile has been working for 25 years, BewegungsGrund for over 20 years and tanzbar_bremen for over 15 years to bring topics that are partly personal, partly social or political, to the stage or to the public space in the interpretations of very different body languages.

The exchange with colleagues from different countries who pursue similar goals and working methods is important for the artistic development of the companies. Through the joint trial period, know-how is exchanged, experiences are shared and contacts are deepened. The inclusion of dancers with and without learning difficulties in the creation process is self-evident and cannot be hindered by different languages. In order to help the artistic results to last longer, the three pieces are interwoven into a joint evening.

The individual short pieces will also be included in the repertoire of the companies after the production period.

The international cooperation of the three dance companies from Switzerland, Spain and Germany was initiated and made possible by the No Limits Festival.


choreography: Neele Buchholz und Corinna Mindt, Antonio Quiles, Susanne Schneider dance: Neele Buchholz, Jaime Garcìa, Alice Giuliani, Kilian Haselbeck, Esther Kunz, Corinna Mindt, Antonio Quiles, Oskar Spatz dramaturgical assistant: Esmeralda Valderrama Vega, Lars Mindt costume: Katja Fritzsche together with the dancers


Cie BewegGrund (CH) & Danza Mobile (ES) & tanzbar_bremen (D)

in cooperation with stepptest dance project


on the 13th of November 2019

Theater Thikwa in the frame of NO LIMITS