two performers pose with a toilet brush and a plunger

A clean affair

Improvised street performance with dance elements

Two men wait for customers right on the street with their mobile public toilets, hoping for lots of small and big business. Entertaining, improvised, funny, demanding, cheeky, charming but not exposing, these two invite their potential customers to be part of the show.

The performance usually runs about 20 – 30 minutes and is performed on the street or on a stage. In addition, “porta potty” is also available at events to perform in front of actual toilets on location (only improvisation, but without dance elements).


Performers: Oskar Spatz, Lars Mindt

Choreography: Oskar Spatz, Lars Mindt, Corinna Mindt, Lisa Janik

Concept: Lars Mindt


tanzbar_bremen e.V. / ClownsConnection Bremen


July 31th, 2016

Broich Castle Night