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BAM ! – Chance Dance

BAM! – Dance Debates

How does political debate work? How are positions defended, controversies conducted, decisions made, agreements found? For half a year, more than 20 young people from different cultural backgrounds and several schools have devoted themselves to these questions with dance, movement and film. Which space do I conquer how? How do I dance approval, rejection, hesitation? Do I follow, lead, block, accelerate? Whether in the training studio or for filming on the Bremen market place, in the Haus der Bürgerschaft and other places, the young performers developed intensive, imaginative dance-theatre artistic statements in which the structures and forms of representation of the debate culture are reflected.

Choreographed by Adriana Könemann & Corinna Mindt and incorporating the film contribution by Matthias Knapp, their final presentation opens up colourful, sensual approaches to a topic as complex as it is relevant to our social interaction. BAM! Bewegung, Ausprobieren, Mitgestalten A production – supported by Chance Tanz- in cooperation with the school association for mentally handicapped people left of the Weser, tanzbar_bremen and etage Bremen.

ChanceTanz supports local projects in which children and young people under the professional guidance of dance artists/educators take part in a dance-creative process and actively shape it. The results of the projects are usually presented. In addition to the practical side of the offer, opportunities for the reception of dance in the form of performance or rehearsal visits by professional dance companies or performances by peer groups should also be created.


choreography: Adriana Könemann & Corinna Mindt


tanzbar_bremen e.V.


Premiere on 01 June 2019

Moks Theatre Bremen